The Books of Prints Cataloging Project (BPCP) offers the first-ever look at the little-known medium of books of prints, bound groups of pictures that emerged as a new type of book in the early modern period. The BPCP has close to 150 unique editions of books of prints in its catalogue. A diverse list of subject headings related to the publications are included in this website.

The aim of the BPCP is to record books of prints as the basis for developing a new cataloguing standard. The website includes a key essay that investigates the problems of cataloguing books of prints and historical biases that have led to the continued neglect of the medium.

Twelve entries in the catalogue contain scans of books of prints found at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. The BPCP welcomes further partners who wish to have their collection’s materials made public.

If you have any questions about the site or wish to contribute entries, please contact Shaun Midanik through the Contact Us page.